Employer-Specific Work Permit

If you are an employer looking to hire an international worker, you may be interested in obtaining advice relating to the work permits and how they operate in Canada.

There are two types of work permits:

For more general information regarding work permits, see our page here.

Employer-Specific Work Permit

As an employer, the most relevant work permit for you to hire an international worker is likely the Employer-Specific Work Permit. This allows international skilled workers to travel to Canada and work according to the conditions on their work permit which include:

Prior to international workers submitting their application for an Employer-Specific Work Permit, employers must ensure the following have been completed:

  • Submit an offer of employment to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
  • Pay a $230 CAD employer compliance fee
  • Provide your international worker with an offer of employment number

Extend or Change the Work Permit

Prior to an employer’s temporary skilled worker extending or changing their work pemit, the employer must do the following:

  • If you need an LMIA, you must apply for a new LMIA from the ESDC
  • If you do not need an LMIA, you need to:
    • Submit a new offer of employment and
    • Pay the employer compliance fee

COVID-19 New Option to Hire a Temporary Worker Already Located in Canada

Due to the labor shortages and disruption to the economy as a result of COVID-19, the Government of Canada have allowed for a new pathway to hire temporary skilled workers who are already located in Canada. Employers can hire temporary skilled workers to commence work immediately if the following conditions are met: