Professional and Skilled Workers

The most common pathway for migrants to come, live and work permanently in Canada is through migration programs that are designed for professional and skilled workers. The Canadian government also has system in place to encourage skilled migrants from all over the globe to express their interest and be invited to come to Canada. The quota allocated for this skilled program every year has the greatest numbers of slots available for potential skilled workers.

There are several pathways for migrants to apply for a Canadian visa should they are professional and skilled workers as defined by the Canadian Government. These pathways are:

Express Entry

Express Entry is a system designed by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to receive and assess applications for the following skilled migration programs (by the federal government):

Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

This program requires all applicants to have at least 1-year skilled work experience in their occupations. One of the advantages of this program is that applicants do not need to prove their connection with Canada. Therefore, it is an ideal option for those who have experience in their fields and living outside Canada.

However, this program is quite competitive and its requirement in terms of experience, education, age and language proficiency are high.

This is a point test-base program. If applicants score around 470 points and higher, their chance of being invited is much higher.

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Federal Skilled Trades

This program requires all applicants to demonstrate at least 2 years experience in their trade occupation, and a valid full-time job offer in Canada, or a certificate of qualification in that skilled trade issued by a Canadian provincial, territorial or deferral authority.

Therefore, this program, besides work experience, requires some sort of connection between the applicants and Canada.

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Canadian Experience Class

This program would suit applicants who have work experience in Canada. This program is not for international skilled workers who have not worked in Canada before.

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The Express Entry is also used to receive and assess applications for some Provincial Nominee Program. If the PNP requires applicants to express their interest through Express Entry, they must submit their applications to the Express Entry pool.

Provincial Nominee Programs for Professional and Skilled workers.

Each Canadian province and territories have their own criteria for skilled workers program depending on their economic needs and situation.

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Quebec Immigration program for Skilled workers

Quebec is the only province in Canada that has its own migration programs outside the Express Entry system. To meet the requirements for Quebec’s nomination, applicants must read and fulfill its criteria and follow the procedure published on its website.

Nevertheless, the authority who grants visas is still the Canadian federal government. Therefore, like other province and territories, applying for permanent residence through Quebec immigration program is a two step process: applying for the nomination from Quebec Government (Certificat de selection du Quebec, and then applying for the visa with the federal government.

Quebec Immigration program for skilled workers includes:

  • Quebec Experience Program (PEQ): this is for those who are living in Quebec and have at least 12-month full-time work experience in Quebec within 2 years before the applying. This program also requires applicants to have intermediate level of French.
  • Quebec Skilled Worker (QSW): this program is suitable for those who are not living in Quebec. However, the competitive is higher.

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Work Permits

This option is for those who have a job offer from a Canadian employer. Although this is only a temporary work permit, it is an opportunity for workers to gain experience in Canada, and then become eligible for other permanent migration program mentioned above.

For more information about this program, click here.

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