Québec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ)

Quebec is a unique state in Canada that is authorised to have its own immigration procedure and requirement. While studying in other states in Canada only requires you to obtain a study permit from the federal government, studying in Quebec also requires you to obtain the Quebec Acceptance Certificate.

The Quebec Acceptance Certificate is a legal document proving that you are accepted by the Quebec government to live and study temporarily in Quebec.


To obtain the Minister’s consent to stay in Québec as a foreign student, you must:

  • Pay the fee required to process your application
  • Be admitted to Designate Learning Institution in Québec
  • Agree to comply with all the conditions for issuing your Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) for studies, including:
    • Receiving instruction for the level of study for which the Minister’s consent was granted
    • Making your studies your principal activity and maintaining health and hospitalization insurance for you and the members of your family accompanying you for the duration of your stay
  • Have the financial capacity to cover:
    • Tuition fees
    • Transportation costs (round trip from your country of origin)
    • Settling-in expenses for the first year (C$500)
    • Living expenses for the duration of your stay
    • Health and hospitalization insurance costs.

Exemption from obtaining the Acceptance Certificate

The following persons are exempt from the requirement to obtain the Minister’s consent to stay in Québec as a foreign student:

  • individuals participating in a federal assistance program for developing countries
  • individuals who wish to enrol in a training course lasting six months or less
  • for a maximum period of six weeks as of the date of their arrival in Canada, individuals residing legally in the United States, Greenland or Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon
  • minor children who are asylum seekers, recognized refugees or protected persons in Canada, or the children of an asylum seeker, recognized refugee or protected person in Canada
  • minor children
  • of preschool age
  • who are required to attend primary or secondary school and are already in Québec accompanying a person having parental authority who is residing in Québec as a temporary foreign worker, a foreign student or in order to receive medical treatment
  • the spouse and dependent children of diplomats, consular officers or international civil servants residing in Québec
  • protected persons in Canada (including refugees)
  • persons residing in Québec whose spouse or de facto spouse is a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident who has submitted a sponsorship application on their behalf
  • holders of a temporary resident permit that is issued with a view to the eventual granting of permanent residence
  • persons registered as status Indians under the Indian Act
Process to start your studies in Quebec

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